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Photo: Sirdalsmedia

Magic in Nessetfossen

What a summer weather. For some temperatures. From 10 degrees plus in the morning to 30 degrees during the day. Almost like being in the South. Here, white sandy beaches have been replaced by crags.

Then it's nice to have a dip. In Nessetfossen, particularly popular in Øvre Sirdal.

The last few days it has been crowded. Beautiful, deep craters are surrounded by majestic waterfalls. Here you can frolic in the water. Jump, dive, swim and explore the majestic area.

The pictures and the short film clips speak for themselves, how nice it was in Nessetfossen on Friday. A nice day that tempts you to repeat it. Once you've got a taste for this bathing spot, there are very few that can compare to this place.

Source: Sirdalsmedia

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