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Norwegian holiday in Sirdal


Sirdal municipality will again this year facilitate a fantastic home summer in Sirdal, with swimming, lots of activities and events. 


Experience summer in Sirdal!
Sirdal has an absolutely beautiful nature, with mountains on all sides, beautiful paths, streams, rivers and nature-filled walks for all skill levels.
Geographically located in the middle of what Norway has to offer, with Kongeparken, Kjerag and Lysefjorden, the Jærstrandene 50 minutes away.
The spectacular road over the mountain to Brokke is an absolute must.
If you are going on holiday in Norway this summer, Sirdal is a great natural starting point, as everything is close.

On this page you will find what Sirdal itself has to offer, so take the trip up here and have an absolutely wonderful Norwegian holiday!

Camper Van
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