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Tonstad taxi

Taxi and bus - on the way for you!

Tonstad Taxi is owned and operated by Kim Helge Tjomlid and Gunvor Navrestad. It started small on a July day in 1997 with a taxi. Little by little it has developed. 


The company is based in Tonstad in Sirdal Municipality, where we have our own garage with an office and lounge at Sirdalsveien 3840. 

We currently have 20 drivers, which amounts to approx. 8 man-years. Our car park has 18 vehicles, which are divided into vans, taxis, maxitaxis, minibuses and large buses. 

We have mainly based our business on taxi operation, but in recent years we have expanded our business with large buses, where we run scheduled transport, day trips, long-distance trips at home and abroad, and in addition we have been lucky and have been involved in a lot of buses for train transport.


We are a solid group that thrives in teams where everyone contributes and pulls the load together.


We undertake most transport both in Sirdal and nearby areas. We have an agreement with patient travel regarding patient transport, and through Vest-Agder county council we run TT transport, school routes, route transport, booked routes for trains, etc. We carry out route transport from Tonstad to Egersund as a sub-transporter for Nettbuss on behalf of Kolumbus. We also carry out a number of tour assignments, both long-distance trips at home and abroad, day trips, shuttle buses, etc.

Gunvor Navrestad - 48187898

Kim Helge Tjomlid - 90698490

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