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Tonstad taxi

Taxi and bus - on the way for you!

We have mainly based our business on taxi operation, but in recent years we have expanded our business with large buses, where we run scheduled transport, day trips, long-distance trips at home and abroad, and in addition we have been lucky and have been involved in a lot of buses for train transport.


We are a solid group that thrives in teams where everyone contributes and pulls the load together.


We undertake most transport both in Sirdal and nearby areas. We have an agreement with patient travel regarding patient transport, and through Vest-Agder county council we run TT transport, school routes, route transport, booked routes for trains, etc. We carry out route transport from Tonstad to Egersund as a sub-transporter for Nettbuss on behalf of Kolumbus. We also carry out a number of tour assignments, both long-distance trips at home and abroad, day trips, shuttle buses, etc.

Gunvor Navrestad - 48187898

Kim Helge Tjomlid - 90698490

The ski bus to sirdal

Sirdal has southwest Norway's largest and best ski conditions, and they are just a short bus ride from Stavanger and Sandnes. Easy and good transport for you who want to leave the car at home this weekend.

All inquiries regarding the ski bus must be taken with Boreal which can be reached here:

Tel: 515 99 060 (Mon-Fri 08: 00-16: 00)


The timetable for the winter season 21/22 is attached below.

  • Transport and lift passes at a price

  • Comfortable travel with comfortable buses

  • Good with foot room

  • From town to mountains in a couple of hours

  • Bring your own skis or rent in Sirdal

  • Always on schedule

ski bus timetable022-1.jpeg
Bus to Kjerag

Kjerag Express bus runs between Stavanger and the start of the hiking trail to Kjerag.

The season is from June to September

Activity provider: Go Fjords. This is the trip for the great heights, both actually, physically and emotionally. Kjerag is the highest of the peaks in the Lysefjord.

The bus takes you to Øygardstøl which is the start of the path to Kjerag. Then it goes up, up, up and away - to the famous Kjerag massif which rises 1,084 meters above the Lysefjord. You feel that Kjerag is the highest of the peaks in the Lysefjord already in the first part of the trip, which is a steep climb up a mountain ridge. Although most people probably have to take a breath on the ground, there is a lot to gain from keeping your eyes raised - here there are unobstructed views on all sides! ​​​ Once on the plateau, you can rightly call yourself a mountain goat, take a 'mountain fairy' or give a mountain hiking friend a high-five. For many, the highlight will also be to stand on the round Kjeragbolten which is wedged between two rock crevices.
The bus arrives at Øygardstøl at approximately 10 o'clock, returning at 16:30. The mountain hike itself is about 10 kilometers long. The trail is marked and chains have been set up to stay in several places. It is a demanding route with several steep sections and a height difference of 570 meters. You should allow 5-6 hours to go back and forth - longer if you want to take many breaks along the way. It is important that you dress properly and well. A trip in the high mountains requires hiking boots, warm clothes and wind and waterproof outerwear. 
This tour is without a guide and is carried out at your own risk. Always check the weather forecast for Kjerag before you go on a trip. The weather can change quickly in the mountains and extra clothes, food and drink are necessary if the trip should take longer than expected.

Source: Visit Norway


 ferry till kjerag

The tourist car ferry has two daily departures from Lauvvik and Lysebotn during the summer season. Take the car on the boat and experience the exciting fjord and all the hairpin bends between Lysebotn and Øygardstøl on the way to Sirdal.


In the summer it is possible to travel by car ferry on the Lysefjord. Norway's best offers two daily departures between Lauvvik and Lysebotn and return.

When you take a fjord cruise on the Lysefjord in Ryfylke, you can see spectacular nature, such as the pulpit, Kjerag, wild and beautiful nature and exciting rock formations. Lysefjorden, is 42 kilometers long and 422 deep. Along the fjord you can experience the Pulpit Rock, the fantastic mountain plateau that rises 604 meters above the Lysefjord and is ranked as one of Norway's foremost nature-based destinations. You can also experience Kjerag on the south side of the Lysefjord, this mountain plateau is located at 1100 meters above sea level. The fjord is filled with experiences from waterfalls, wildlife, exciting geology, as well as wild and beautiful nature.

Start and stop for the ferry are Lauvvik and Lysebotn. The ferry calls at Forsand, Revså, Songesand and Flørli in both directions.


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