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A scenic route between west and east offering spectacular scenery and unique experiences.
Open from May 21 to November 1.

Explore the scenic road Suleskarvegen. From the fjords of western Norway, the road winds through the mountain regions of Agder and Telemark. Unforgettable impressions await you- from charming and vibrant towns to authentic rural culture and breathtaking mountain scenery. So take your time, look around and enjoy your trip!

The Suleskarvegen road passes through the three counties Vestfold-Telemark, Agder and Rogaland and through the four municipalities Tokke, Valle, Sirdal and Gjesdal. This website is a collaborative project between these, as well as the neighboring municipality of Bykle.

Everyone welcomes you to the beautiful scenery and the many small and large adventures along the way. Whether you are in a hurry, traveling as a tourist, travelling alone or with your family, we believe you will enjoy the journey.

Hilsen - Suleskardvegen

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