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Tour of Norway

Cycling Race

Tour of Norway

This year's 2nd stage and third day of the Tour of Norway starts in beautiful Valle.

From Valle awaits a brutal climb up to the top of Suleskard, before a tough descent down to Sirdal. From here the race continues down to Byrkjedal and on to the included sprint in Dirdal. 

New height meters will be forced when the climb up to Seldal is due. From the top, it is easy terrain in the final towards Stavanger before today's winner will be chosen at the top of Ullandhaug.

Source Tour of Norway

Summer park in Sirdal

In recent weeks, there has been a lot of activity on the riverbank near the cultural center as work has almost been done day and night to get the new water park facility in Tondstad ready for completion, and today it was finally ready for a large-scale opening.

Over 100 people, both young and old, had turned up where we can almost guarantee that everyone present was very excited and ready to use the new facility. 

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