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Sirdal Afterski

The Ultimate Afterski in Sirdal! Join the party with artists who promise to take Sirdal as an après-ski destination to new heights! After a long day on the slopes, we fire up the facility and dive into music, drinks, and benches in the sun, just the way we like it. We know what matters and promise good drinks, good vibes, and legendary sing-alongs with hits on repeat. In addition to DJs and troubadours, we present a top-notch après-ski lineup:

  • Staysman (23/3 Palm Saturday)

  • Soppgirobygget (29/3 Good Friday)

  • Den BB (30/3 Easter Eve) Forget about the east, now it's all about Sirdal Afterski 2024! Time and place: Sirdal Afterski 2024 takes place in Sinnes, Sirdal, on March 23, 29, and 30. The area opens at 13:00. DJs and troubadours set the mood before the main artist takes the stage at 16:00. The area closes at 19:00. Feel free to continue the party at one of the local venues. We'll update with a full overview of events and offers. Transport: Buses will be provided to make it as easy as possible to get to and from Sirdal Afterski. Follow the event on Facebook for more info and route plans. There will be dedicated après-ski routes from Stavanger city center. TICKET RELEASE March 6th at 12:00 PM FOLLOW THE EVENT FOR UPDATES AND THE BEST DEALS!

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