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Heimmesommar i Sirdal

Fot. Sirdal Kommune

Sun, warmth, swimming, leisure, and time for enjoyment!

We are repeating last year's success and hosting "Heimesommar" again this year. The tent is set up. The swimming facilities at Tjørhom and Tonstad are being expanded, and there will be beach life with real palm trees and sun loungers. It’s going to be lively and bustling. The activity calendar shows that we have something for everyone. The wide range of activities ensures that we appeal to many. That’s great. We could never have done it without all the partners.

Thanks to all of you!

This year, too, there will be summer hosts to look after us. They will be appearing from south to north. Tonstadbadet will be ready in case the weather goes bad. I hope both Sirdal residents and visitors have a really wonderful summer with great experiences. Take advantage of the offerings and enjoy summer 2024 in SIRDAL!

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