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Bus to Kjerag

The Kjerag Express bus runs between Stavanger and the start of the hiking trail to Kjerag.

The season is from June - September

Activity provider: Go Fjords. This is the trip for the great heights, both actually, physically and emotionally. Kjerag is the highest of the peaks in Lysefjorden.

The bus takes you to Øygardstøl, which is the start of the path to Kjerag. Then it goes up, up, up and away – to the famous Kjerag massif, which rises 1,084 meters above the Lysefjorden. You know that Kjerag is the highest of the peaks in the Lysefjord already in the first part of the trip, which is a steep climb up a mountain ridge. Although most people probably have to take a breather on the ground, there is a lot to be gained from keeping your eyes raised - here there is an unobstructed view on all sides! ​​​Once on the plateau, you can rightly call yourself a mountain goat, take a 'fjellfie' or give a hiking friend a high- five. For many, the highlight will also be standing on the round Kjeragbolten, which is wedged between two rock crevices.
The bus arrives in Øygardstøl at approximately 10 a.m., returning at 4:30 p.m. The mountain tour itself is around 10 kilometers long. The path is marked and chains have been installed to hold in several places. It is a demanding route with several steep sections and a height difference of 570 metres. You should allow 5-6 hours to go there and back - longer if you want to take many breaks along the way. It is important that you dress properly and well. A trip in the high mountains requires mountain shoes, warm clothes and wind and waterproof outerwear. 
This tour is without a guide and is carried out at your own risk. Always check the weather forecast for Kjerag before you set off on your trip. The weather can change quickly in the mountains and extra clothes, food and drink are necessary if the trip takes longer than expected.

Source: Visit Norway


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