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Tonstad Bakery

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We have baked bread in Sirdal since 1936!


In the middle of Tonstad town center you will find us, with a large selection of bread, halibut baked goods, cakes and much more!
Take a break in our cafe, or take something good with you in your bag on the way.  

 Tonstad Bakeri is not just a bakery - it's an experience. With proud roots in traditional craftsmanship and a passion for exploring new flavors, we have created a unique place where old-fashioned quality meets modern culinary creativity.

 Our bakers' expertise and dedication is reflected in every single slice of bread and flavor bomb we make. From our range of succulent sourdough breads, crisp croissants to artfully decorated cakes and delicate pastries – each product is made with love and care.

Tradition and Innovation: We are proud of our roots in traditional baking, but we also believe in challenging the limits of what a bakery can offer. Our team of experienced bakers combine timeless recipes with innovative techniques to create products that take the taste buds on a journey through time and taste.

 We care about our planet and the society around us. That's why we only use the finest, local ingredients to support local farmers and reduce our environmental impact. From our oven to your plate, every bite is filled with care for both you and the planet.

 We invite you to visit Tonstad Bakeri and experience our unique atmosphere. Whether you want to enjoy a relaxing morning coffee in our cozy cafe, take home a selection of pastries, or even order a custom-made cake for your next event, our friendly staff are ready to welcome you with open arms.

 Do you have questions, want to place an order or just want to chat? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you with all your baking questions and needs.

Welcome to Tonstad Bakeri - where the taste of tradition meets modern craftsmanship. Let's create memories together through every bite!


Bakery opening hours
Monday-Thursday:  07:00-16:30
Friday:                  07:00-18:30
Saturday:                07:30-16:00

Extraordinary opening hours in the period 22 July-13. August:


We accept orders for bread, other baked goods and cakes. 
Bread and other yeast baked goods should be ordered no later than the day before. 
Cakes should be ordered a few days in advance, and special cakes no later than two weeks in advance. 

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