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Rent a Pioner Maxi 13-foot boat with a quiet and fuel-efficient Yamaha 9.9 4-stroke motor on Sirdalsvatnet.

Boat Features:

  • Self-Draining: The boat empties itself of water, making it easy to clean after spills from fishing or swimming.

  • Seats for 5 People: Ideal for family trips or small groups.

  • Stable and Safe: Built for comfort and security on the water.

Engine and Performance:

  • Yamaha 9.9 4-Stroke Engine: Quiet and economical with low fuel consumption. Perfect for leisurely trips and fishing.

Activities on Sirdalsvatnet:

  • Fishing: Find the best fishing spots, often good along the shore. NOTE: Fishing is prohibited from the Sira River to Lindåna on the west side of the lake. The lake contains trout, Canadian brook trout, char, dwarf char, and occasionally eel.

  • Swimming: Enjoy a relaxing day in the water; check out Astridholmen and the beach on the west side of Astridholmen.

  • Exploration: Discover Nøkkhedlaren, Stronda, Astridholmen, Virak, Strandeli, Haughom, and the bunker, for example.

Practical Information:

  • Rental Period: The boat can be rented on a daily basis or for longer periods.

  • Price: 250 NOK per hour, 1250 NOK for 12 hours, 5000 NOK for a week. For longer rental periods, please contact us.

  • Rental: Download the app "SHIP'O HOI" to book your next trip! Here you can find an overview of available dates and times.

Contact Information:

For more information or to book a rental, please contact:

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