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Thinking of visiting Stavanger, Norway? Then consider saving this guide for later and planning an adventure to Kjerag. Dive into the stories under the tag 'Norway' for practical insights.

Traveling from Stavanger with GoFjords costs around €17 for a round trip. Book your tickets through the carrier's website. The bus conveniently departs and returns from the city center bus station.

The Kjerag trail starts and ends at the parking lot, which is also the only spot with restroom facilities.

Allow approximately 5-6 hours to complete the entire hike, suitable for those with at least moderate fitness levels. Catching the return bus on time is crucial; the driver will provide the schedule, also available on the GoFjords website. Expect varied terrain, some sections more challenging than others, with chains to assist.

Wear sturdy hiking boots and pack rain gear for unpredictable weather as the trail ascends to approximately 1,000 meters above sea level.

Arriving at Kjeragbolten after a few hours, brace yourself for the breathtaking boulder suspended over a sheer drop—an exhilarating challenge for many.

Post-adventure, refuel at the restaurant adjacent to the parking lot.

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